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Learn the Different Types of Residential Assignments


Intellectual or developmental disabilities are severe, chronic conditions caused by physical and/or mental impairments. Although IDDs can start at any time up to 22 years of age, it usually lasts throughout a person’s lifetime. Individuals with IDD often face challenges with independent learning, mobility, language, and self-help. Hence, they require behavioral supports in Texas.

Fortunately, the TxHmL program provides selected essential services and supports to individuals with IDDs who live in their own homes or family homes. Moreover, the HCS program – a Medicaid waiver program – offers services and supports like residential assignments. The different types of residential assignments include:

  • Companion Care
    Also called foster care, this type of service is rendered in the residence of a foster care provider or with a companion care provider. Companion services offer assistance with daily activities, such as household chores, meal preparation, and participation in community functions.
  • Residential Support
    This type of service is provided to individuals in a residential group home setting. This is ideal for individuals that need residential placement and includes person-centered care. This provides long-term residential support in a group living setting.
  • Supervised Living
    This service is also provided in a residential group home setting. Similar to residential support, it includes around-the-clock care and support. However, the staff is allowed to sleep.
  • Supported Home Living
    This type of service is rendered in the individual’s home or family home. This serves and supports individuals with IDD at home with their daily living activities.

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