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The Impact of Behavioral Support in the TxHmL Program


The Texas Home Living Services program is a beacon of support for individuals with disabilities, aiming to enhance their independence and quality of life. Within this comprehensive program, one of the key pillars that stands out is the provision of behavioral supports in Texas.

Behavioral support within the TxHmL program is designed to identify, understand, and manage behaviors that may impede individuals from fully participating in community life. The goal is not just to mitigate challenging behaviors but to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives with a sense of autonomy.

At Assured Quality Care Services LLC, a reputable provider of Medicaid waiver program in Houston, Texas, we understand the importance of tailoring support to the individual. This involves conducting thorough assessments to identify specific behaviors, triggers, and potential interventions that align with the person’s goals and aspirations.

Together with relevant stakeholders, we develop a comprehensive care plan. This plan not only addresses immediate behavioral concerns but also sets long-term goals for personal development, social integration, and overall well-being. This includes developing effective communication strategies, enhancing social skills, and teaching coping mechanisms. By focusing on skill-building, individuals are better prepared to navigate the challenges of daily life and actively participate in their communities.

We understand the importance of community integration initiatives. This is why our home community-based services in Texas involve partnering with local organizations, businesses, and community groups to foster understanding and acceptance, promoting inclusivity in the broader community.

With the right support, individuals enrolled in this program can unlock their full potential and actively contribute to the rich tapestry of their communities.


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