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Speech Therapy for Individuals with IDD


Intellectual disabilities are characterized by below-average intellectual functioning with an IQ of 70 or lower. This causes children to experience delays in achieving developmental milestones compared to their peers. They may also exhibit difficulties with communication, self-care, self-direction, social interactions, and managing tasks. Hence, they require behavioral supports in Texas.

One of the most evident effects of an intellectual disability is on the person’s speech and communication. Many children diagnosed with an intellectual disability find it difficult to progress with their speech and language skills. Providers of the TxHmL program offer speech therapy to help them attain their communication potential and enhance overall speech and language skills.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities may also struggle with processing and learning new information. Difficulties may include understanding written or verbal instructions, following directions, comprehending detailed information, socializing, and understanding non-verbal communication. Speech therapy can address these by helping them develop alternative communication methods.

Similar to other interventions, the first step involves a complete background check of the individual’s education, medical history, and current level of functioning when it comes to speech. A standardized assessment tool is used to carry out a formal assessment of the person’s functioning and needs. This information is then used to formulate therapy goals and provide comprehensive and personalized care.

Assured Quality Care Services LLC is a company specializing in exceptional home community – based services in Houston, Texas. To provide comprehensive care, we offer speech therapy as part of our services. To learn more about this service, feel free to reach out to us.

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