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What You Need to Know about Occupational Therapy

  • What is occupational therapy?
    Occupational therapy (OT) is a therapy that involves helping individuals, from toddlers to the elderly, to develop, maintain, or recover the skills they need to accomplish their daily activities. Therapists enhance the patients’ ability to participate and engage by providing behavioral supports in Texas, working with people and communities, and modifying their environment.
  • Who benefits from occupational therapy?
    Regardless of age, individuals with any disability can benefit from occupational therapy. Each plan is customized, but the goal for everyone is the same, to enable participation and engagement. Do you want to help your loved ones improve their quality of life? OT can aid in obtaining a higher level of activity and social involvement.
  • What happens during occupational therapy?
    Occupational therapy starts with the patient’s physical and mental functioning assessment. The therapist will also evaluate the visual, sensory, physiological, social, and other external factors. If you have loved ones with intellectual disability (ID) and need occupational therapy, a TxHmL program provides better health access for them.

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