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Ways to Provide Support to Loved Ones with IDD


Loved ones with intellectual and developmental disorders need the support of their family members. The following are ways you can facilitate a nurturing environment for them:

  • Set the right goals.
    Goals can range from small to big things. Whether you’re providing behavioral supports in Texas for your loved ones or helping them read a certain number of books per month, it’s essential to set goals. Setting goals will guide you in understanding how to provide better support for them.
  • Understand their needs.
    Do you know your loved ones’ comfort zones? Do you know which situations make them nervous? Knowing your loved one’s needs and desires will help you set a safe environment and surroundings for them. Considering a TxHmL program is beneficial for them, so don’t hesitate to learn more about its benefits.
  • Communicate well.
    Communication isn’t always verbal. From facial expressions to hand motions, there are plenty of ways you can communicate with your loved ones. Get them thinking and keep them involved by planning stimulating and fun activities. Games and activities offer opportunities for you and your loved ones to communicate.

Assured Quality Care Services LLC offers home community – based services in Houston, Texas. Our services include residential assignments, occupational therapy, minor home modifications, adaptive aids, speech therapy, and more. Our focus is to provide quality services to your loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities with honesty and integrity. Contact us at 281-272-1464 for more information today.

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